Monday, October 29, 2007

Japanese are among the world’s biggest blog adepts

Japanese are among the world’s biggest blog adepts – a third of the world’s blogosphere is written in Japanese. Alongside the blog craze,, a participatory journalism site, registered the strongest website growth between May and June 2007, up 52%. has 3.46 million unique visitors monthly. It was founded by the press group Sankei in June 2006.

IZA’s content is a mix of newspaper articles from the press group, journalist blogs, and readers’ blogs. Its business model is based on advertising, premium content and other services.

The growth of IZA was fueled by numerous scandals on the political scene, but also by Japan’s general adoption of user-generated content.

According to a study conducted by Edelman in summer 2006, 74% of Japanese Web users read blogs at least once a week (compared to 22% of French users).

There were an estimated 8.68 million bloggers in Japan in March 2006., a blog aggregator, had the fifth largest traffic nationwide in June 2007 (25.5 million unique visitors), behind Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Rakuten Inc, according to ComScore.

Source: Journal du Net

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