Monday, October 29, 2007

Citizen journalism: An Essential Social Responsibility on You

Media since it days has been remained under elite groups of our society. Like capitalists, political and social upper groups.As we are inching towards information age, the definition and scope of media has been changing as per requirement of coming age. Information will be the key to success for all. Thus every one is running for after it from business to social.

Keeping its pace and face with current trends the media has also trying to transform it.This process has given common citizens opportunities to take share in this media transformation world wide because of quantity of information require in coming era forcing big capitalist media to open their gates to common citizens.Now it’ become the social responsibility of every citizens to grasp the opportunities available to them because of this “era transformation”.

Here I would request my citizens’ friends that it’s free for all situations will not last for ever. The Monopolistic behaviors of contemporary media are still hesitating to give direct power to citizens as citizen Journalists. But coming situations are forcing them to open their monopolistic gates for commoner to be the integral parts of new making processes.

Apart from common citizens, it’s a big social obligations on those citizens, who posses the tools and methods of information age i.e. computers and internet connectivity. They should take some lead on these social aspects of citizen journalism and try to secure citizens’ shares in future forms of media.

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