Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yuva Parliament Chandigarh Live Debate

Live and open debate is the first pre-condition of a healthy democracy, but to organize this in India is tough job. Today in Chandigarh Young under banner of Yuva Parliament have tried to do this at government museum auditorium in Sector 10, Chandigarh.

I entered into hall after many pulls and bulls, as venue was circled by supporters of Congress, BJP and BSP.

The dais was occupied by Congress Party Candidate, Pawan Kumar Bansal, BJP candidate Satya pal Jain, BSP’s Harmohan Dhawan and Ajay Goyal, an Independent.

Even the attempt by Chandigarh based young was recommendable but all good work done by them turned futile when youth agenda and options for them was sideline by three candidates belonging to three national parties, as most of them they either tried to show their achievements.

An alone candidate, who really had come to speak on only youth issue with solution driven approach was , an independent , Ajay Goyal, who with his first sentence of his introduction steal the show , when he asked to fix retirement age in Indian politics to provide options for generation next to try their lucks in political arena.

The show started well but first round of the degeneration begun as questions were asked to full fill the political motives in disguise of audience by political workers of political parities.

The BJP and Congress candidates openly questioned the affiliation of questioners while answering their replies after that show inverted into real political drama in non political forum, where BJP candidate Satya pal Jain who had maximum numbers of his supporters in audiences, which was strictly regulated by organizers.

Only this behavior of them made this noble show at the end political show when BJP’s Satyapal Jain waved news papers cutting to down play Congress candidate Pawn Bansal.

Where as BSP candidate Harmohan Dhawan marked his presence, all three candidates belonging to national parties just came with their past records with any precise future agenda for youth of city beautiful.

Again here Ajay Goyal, an independent also remained at advantage position, who not only addressed youth issue but expressed precise grass root level application agenda for Chandigarh and added many fans fare in youth attending the live open debate.

Why every debate in Indian democracy ends in political drama, when our political leaders will understand the hard work done by progressive citizens like “Yuva Parliament” and behave like our representatives not our masters?

Chandigarh, city beautiful, a first dream taken by Independent India has chance to teach Indian Democracy a sensible lesson But today we have lost the chance.

But the good started by generation next of Chandigarh should be carry forwarded so that hope always remains alive for change in India in general and Chandigarh in specific.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Citizens Minus Media of Indian Democracy: Star News

Two pillars of India democracy, Politics and Media Joined in City beautiful at Lake club lawn on Thursday evening to make joke of world largest democracy.

I really felt ashamed that I have witnessed the whole through my naked eyes in a Programme, “Kyon Banega Pradhan Mantri” by Star News, An Indian Hindi News Channel.

I went to spot as I am researching and working of democratic process of City beautiful, Chandigarh in ongoing Lok Sabha Elections 2009 from day first, but after reaching on the avenue, I was first to reach at 7 PM where as it was started, better to say ordered to take off after it was well managed to favor a particular party candidate.

The atmosphere at spot of event was like a political rally, which was sponsored by Star News in the name of who will be the next Prime Minister of India.

All three candidates of national parties were invited by Hindi news channel to attend live debate which was always dead debate because presenters of news channel were more interested some else motive than to know who will be next Prime Minister of India , which was the tag line of its programme.

The event was so badly managed that in most of time ruled by supporters BSP party, who were in out numbers than else.

One thing worried me as a citizen of Chandigarh that presence of bouncers or musclemen in this media organized event and poorly guarded by Chandigarh police.

Feeling the generating heat, I left my seat in audience and took aerial seat as body language expert to gaze the mockery of Indian democracy in Hands of Indian media in the name of professionally dead programme named “Khon Banega Pradhan Mantri” Title.

If such a open and ugly Media tamasha in the name of Prime Minister of India is being allowed than integrity and prestige of PM India will surely at losing end, which I request election commission of India to look into seriously.

At last one thing happened when an independent candidate, Ajay Goyal, who was sitting in front row and watching the whole process not only openly blamed star news journalists about their biased usage of Media to felicitate a particular candidate and not given him a chance.

The Congress, whose candidate had decided not to attend and BJP’s Satya Pal Jain also shared similar views on the utility such political sponsored to enhanced the application of true democracy in India.

Last not the least, Today’s experience of India media playing in hands of Politicians has forced me to redefine the definition of four pillars of Indian democracy, and inspired me to do some research, weather such sponsored pillars can benefit Indian citizens some where.

May God Save my City, My India from these Tumbling pillars???

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chandigarh Elections 2009: Representatives without Democratic Beauty

On Sunday, I was on my cut off day from my routine working, as I have to concentrate on my Researches on Monday on wards, so did seminar and all free patrolling of Chandigarh with my old friends of my school.

During my free patrolling of Chandigarh, I came to knew that, city beautiful is not responding to Indian democracy as it has in cases of infrastructural, comer's and educational has shown.

As, I am well aware about on going elections for Indian Lok sabha on the corners,rest of Indian cities are well painted and motivated by Indian festival of democracy,(I usually call), as in festival every body wants to take joy out of festival in their own ways, like that democratic elections in India are similar to all Indian festivals like Diwali,Holi, Id, etc. but difference is in duration of festival.

But my City beautiful is not taking part in this more than month long Indian democracy festival, That stunned me.

Question came to my mind, that without much participation of Chandigarh sectoral population in democratic elections, are person representing City beautiful truly represents Chandigarh?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Citizen journalism: What And Why??

he citizen journalism refers to a wide range of activities in which everyday people contribute information or commentary about news events. Over the years, citizen journalism has benefited
from the development of various technologies, including the printing press—which provided a medium for the pamphleteers of the 17th and 18th centuries—the telegraph, tape recorders, and
television, each of which offered new opportunities for people to participate in sharing news and commentary.

With the birth of digital technologies, people now have unprecedented access to the tools of production and dissemination. Citizen journalism encompasses content ranging from user-submitted reviews on a Web site about movies to wiki-based news. Some sites only run stories written by users, while many traditional news outlets now accept comments and even news stories from readers.
The notion of citizen journalism implies a difference, however, between simply offering one’s musings on a topic and developing a balanced story that will be genuinely useful to readers.

The citizen journalism sites is long and includes sites limited to nonprofessional reporting, such as NowPublic and CyberJournalist, and divisions of traditional media companies that feature citizen journalism, such as CNN’s I-Reporter.

Some people use blogs, wikis, digital storytelling applications, photo- and video-sharing sites, and other online media as vehicles for citizen journalism efforts. Many projects take a local
approach, centering on news about a city or even a specific neighborhood, or focus on special-interest topics, such as financial matters or gender issues.

Many academic programs combine the study of traditional journalism with new media, and these programs typically address issues of citizen voices in reporting. Some institutions sponsor initiatives that focus directly on citizen journalism and other forms of user-created content.

Scoop08, founded by students at Yale University and Andover, is a Web site devoted to coverage of the 2008 presidential election. It bills itself as “the first-ever daily national student
newspaper,” with hundreds of high school and college students across the country submitting stories about the election.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Citizen journalism And Accuracy

Media Fact CheckerGiven a list of myths and actual facts, users are given the chance to pick out the true information and separate it from misinterpreted data.'s Media Fact Checker presents journalists and writers with examples of media hoaxes and exaggerations that are easily debunked through fact checking.
Poynter Online: Getting it Right - A Passion for AccuracyPoynter Online offers not only many accuracy guidelines but also personal anecdotes and links to other websites to promote improved accuracy practices. In this article, Chip Scanlan offers practical advice to fellow journalists to increase the accuracy level of any piece.
O'Reilly Digital Media: 10 Journalism Tips for E-WritersEven online journalists and bloggers sometimes need pointers on how to write a better story. These tips offer advice on accuracy and organization as well as several other related topics
Is That a Fact?Though designed primarily for students, journalists of any age can stand to benefit from the pointers and advice offered by In addition, the site also offers 13 how-to examples of fact-checking and accuracy tests.
Accuracy in MediaAccuracy in Media strives "for fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting" and posts several stories a week on various topics that illustrate this commitment. Unlike other sites, this page and its related content are best used as examples of accuracy in the media rather than as a collection of helpful hints and tips.
Delusions of AccuracyIn an article for the Columbia Journalism Review, Ariel Hart suggests we should become more comfortable with the fact that we make mistakes - and more open about admitting and correcting them.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Independence in the Citizen journalism gives creditability to your Reporting

Independence is perhaps the most under appreciated hallmark of good journalism. What does it mean to be independent? We put the question to thought leaders in citizen media and traditional journalism. This section also provides resources and guides to achieving independent reporting.

We do know this: Honorable journalism means following the story where it leads. When media are consolidated into a few big companies or are under the thumb of governments, this cannot happen.
It is simple to be independent online. Just start a blog. But no one should imagine that the same pressures from businesses and governments will not apply when a blogger tries to make a living at his or her new trade.