Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chandigarh Elections 2009: Representatives without Democratic Beauty

On Sunday, I was on my cut off day from my routine working, as I have to concentrate on my Researches on Monday on wards, so did seminar and all free patrolling of Chandigarh with my old friends of my school.

During my free patrolling of Chandigarh, I came to knew that, city beautiful is not responding to Indian democracy as it has in cases of infrastructural, comer's and educational has shown.

As, I am well aware about on going elections for Indian Lok sabha on the corners,rest of Indian cities are well painted and motivated by Indian festival of democracy,(I usually call), as in festival every body wants to take joy out of festival in their own ways, like that democratic elections in India are similar to all Indian festivals like Diwali,Holi, Id, etc. but difference is in duration of festival.

But my City beautiful is not taking part in this more than month long Indian democracy festival, That stunned me.

Question came to my mind, that without much participation of Chandigarh sectoral population in democratic elections, are person representing City beautiful truly represents Chandigarh?

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